How Much Monthly Income Will You Need In Retirement?

The first step in determining how much you need to save for retirement is determining your monthly income needs. Once you know that number, you’ll be able to plan for ways to provide guaranteed income to help you live the retirement you want. 

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Is Guaranteed Retirement Income Possible?

Guaranteed income in retirement—money you can’t outlive, no matter how long you live. Is it too good to be true? Find out more about guaranteed retirement income.

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Five More Facts You Didn't Know About Annuities

If you’re considering an annuity as part of your retirement strategy, you need the facts. We have you covered with five more things annuities do—and don’t do—as part of a retirement plan.

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Five Tax Benefits that Life Insurance Can Provide for Your Retirement

Think life insurance is just for after you die? Think again. Life insurance offers a variety of benefits you can use in retirement, from taxes to loans and much more. 

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Why Do You Need a Financial Professional?

Even the most confident DIY-ers will tell you: there are times to call in a professional. Planning for retirement may be one of those times. 

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Retirement Talk: Discussing Guaranteed Income with Your Spouse or Partner

When you’re building a retirement plan with guaranteed income sources, like annuities, your spouse or partner might have questions. That’s why we created this guide.

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